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Dear Eric, part number 06D103469E no longer available, it is discontinued. Best Regards, E-acca
Dear James, Thank You for Your question. Part number You are looking for are: 1) 5H1857508AL9B9 and 5H1857507AL9B9 2)For tailight there are two options: 5H1052200A - white and red ones: 5H0945308 5H0945307 5H0945208A 5H0945207A 3)000072548Q Best Regards, E-acca
Dear Miguel, we will help to find out part numbers You are looking for if those are unknown, but we need You vehicle VIN number. Best Regards, E-ACCA
Dear Customer, before placing an order we advice You to log in first, and there shouldn't be such problem, if problem still exists - please come back we will check and help You. Have a nice day! Best Regards, E-acca team
Dear Kimberly, Your order shipped 29 Mar, via Fedex, with tracking number - 396396550795 Thank You for Your order! Best Regards, E-acca
Dear Jesus, Thank You for Your request. Item 022103925AD is discontinued and no longer available. Best Regards, E-acca
Dear Robert, item is not in our stock, but can be ordered from supplier with delivery terms 10 days approx. to our stock. Best Regards, E-acca
Dear Jason, Yes, correct - triangle comes with orange plastic, shipping to UK will be approx. 20 EUR. Best Regards, E-acca
Dear Alejandro, Thank You for Your question. there is part number change from 1K8943021C to 1K8943021D. This item is fitting to VW Golf 7, but to be 100% sure, we kindly ask You to send to-info@eacca.com vehicle VIN number. Best Regards, Svetlana